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It’s finished snowing for now, and it has been a beautiful day – sunny with temperatures in the upper 20s. We visited Sector Lake Michigan and Station Milwaukee, and I met with the staff at the ESD. We also got to spend some time looking around on one of the Coast Guard’s newest boats – a 45′ Response Boat, Medium (RB-M). It is a beautiful boat and will be a great upgrade from the old 41′ boats they are replacing. The picture here shows the RB-M next to a 41. I is a much nicer and much more capable boat. I missed taking the picture yesterday when it was nice and sunny out, so have to make do with this picture taken this morning – dark, dreary, and with more snow on the way.


During the afternoon we went to visit the Mequon DGPS site. It utilizes a 300′ antenna that we inherited from the Air Force.


After we finished in the equipment room I decided to be “helpful” by assisting with the locks. Unfortunately someone left something in the building, and I turned around to find Walt Lenhard lying on the very cold step trying to unlock the padlock – on this particular door the lock needs to go on upside-down so that you can actually see the combination you are trying to enter…



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