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Since the girls are down south enjoying slightly more moderate temperatures in Gulfport Mississippi, last night Austin and I decided to take advantage of our new “freedom” by heading to Brandywine, a local ski area to enjoy their Midnight Madness session – 8:00pm until 2:00am. Although there were a surprising number of people skiing and snowboarding, there were few enough that lift lines were short. It was cold – down to 8 degrees by the time we left, and a bit windy, but the snow was still nice due to the 16″ we received on Wednesday, so we really enjoyed the evening.

Austin is starting to enjoy the steeper stuff and the snowboard terrain parks, but he did take some time off of the tough stuff do do some runs with me. I’m skiing on my old Karhu 10th mountain guides with Voile 3-pin bindings, and leather Merrell backcountry boots – not exactly the best setup for steep and fast! I am enjoying working on telemark turn techniques on more moderate slopes though, and am hoping to get some telemark lessons. Although there numerous telemark skiiers in the northeast and out west, there aren’t many here, and apparently there is only one who teaches telemark. I hope to get in touch with him and arrange some lessons.

Snowboarding under the lights

Snowboarding under the lights

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