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We are back from a day of snowmobiling through some of the most beautiful country imaginable. We covered about 140 Km that included some very fast flat trails, and some steep switchbacks to get up onto Two Top. We even got to enjoy the experience of digging a snowmobile out of over three feet of snow and dragging it out of the ravine it was in. Fortunately no one was hurt, and no, It wasn’t me who got the machine stuck 🙂 We stopped for lunch and enjoyed burgers at Meadow Creek Inn – a place that is only accessible by snowmobile.

After we got back to West Yellowstone we went over to the “old airport” (under a few feet of snow now) and Austin got to spend some time riding. He would have preferred to ride his own all day, but the rental companies will only rent to someone 16 or older. Tonight we are riding up to a cook-it-yourself steak place, and tomorrow we will get in another full day of riding.




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