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Today we went on a tour of Yellowstone Park – in a "Snow Coach" rather than on snowmobiles. The advantage is that you get to see some of the wildlife in the park rather than scare it all off with the snowmobile noise. In the first 30 minutes in the park we saw a pair of bald eagles, a coyote, bison, elk, and trumpeter swans. We continued to see wildlife throughout the tour. The weather was absolutely beautiful – clear blue skies with temperatures in the low 20s and no wind

We drove the Firehole Canyon loop and stopped for a while at Firehole Falls, then continued on to the Upper Geyser Basin where stopped for lunch at the Old Faithful Lodge and got to see Old Faithful erupt. We also took a walk around the geyser basin and saw some of the other geysers & beautiful pools. Austin has been our official photographer and he took a lot more pictures with a better camera, so I will do another post with those pictures after we return home.




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