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Austin and just completed his first adventure race with a very respectable finish – 8th out of 114 starting teams, and 3rd in the men’s duo division. If we had had the wisdom and encouragement of my friend Jeff Radgowski to help us out, we would have done even better – especially because our time actually would have placed us second in the men’s trio division. Unfortunately Jeff couldn’t make it today, but he will be up to race with me tomorrow. Austin will be volunteering at the race tomorrow, and will probably be very happy he isn’t out running in the heat – he looked a bit tired after his very successful finish today 🙂

There were a couple of photographers taking pictures today, and I know there are some of us – at least at the finish & also on the podium receiving our traditional EX2 Adventures pint glasses and gift certificates – I will add them to this post when they are available on the race web site.

Tired Austin...

Tired Austin...

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