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This web site is just as much a utility for our family as a means to share information with others. We have found it convenient to archive favorite recipes, pictures, and family experiences both for easy access for us, and to share with others. When we adopted our daughter Ariana we kept a blog of our trip to China so that we could share that experience with friends and family. I haven’t kept things as updated as much as I would like, but I recently made the change from PHPWebsite to WordPress and as I have been migrating content I have been inspired to add more. Hopefully that trend continues!

The four of us at Michael's change of command

The four of us at Michael's change of command

We have a variety of interests that keep us all very busy:

With work detracting from the time available to dedicate to my real interests, I have had to consciously focus on a few things that I really like doing.

  • Bicycle riding, both road and mountain
  • Camping
  • Kayaking
  • Adventure racing, rogains

I also dabble in computers, and have been running Linux on all of our home computers for several years.

Jacquelyn spends much of her time riding her horse KeKe and working with a few more horses that she has in training. She competed in the American eventing championships last summer and placed 9th. You can see her website at

Austin is taking after me with the number of things he is interested in:

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Guitar playing (electric, acoustic, bass…)
  • Building models

Austin ran cross country this last fall, and is planning on playing lacrosse in the spring. He is also starting to compete in adventure races and rogains with me. He would like to take his kayak out more often, but as with everything else it comes down to time…

Ariana’s main occupation is keeping the rest of us busy!

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