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This article describes our trip to China to pick up our daughter, Ariana. We updated it regularly throughout our trip. I have moved the content from it’s original format into WordPress, so it isn’t in the same daily post update format that it originally was, but the content is all here.

Trip Itinerary

We leave on February 23rd from Providence, RI and fly to Detroit. From Detroit we fly straight to Tokyo, Japan where we will change airplanes, and then continue on to Beijing, China. Once we get to China our Itinerary will look something like this:


  • 24 February – 2115 Arrive in Beijing.
  • 25 February – Sightseeing (A trip to the Great Wall and maybe some shopping).
  • 26 February – Sightseeing (Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square). Depart for Changsha at 1715.


  • 27 February – Meet Ariana!
  • 28 February – Lots of paperwork 🙁
  • 1-2 March – Sightseeing in Changsha, and getting to know Ariana.
  • 3 March – Pick up Ariana’s Chinese Passport and depart for Guangzhou at 1920.


  • 4 March – Complete Ariana’s Visa physical at the US Consulate.
  • 5 March – Sightseeing in Guangzhou.
  • 6 March – Visa interview at the US Consulate.
  • 7 March – Receive Ariana’s visa.
  • 8 March – Depart Guangzhou for home.

We will be flying through Tokyo and Detroit once again, and should arrive in Providence sometime in the evening.

China Map - Cities visited

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