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3 Jan 2006
We just got back from the CAWLI offices where we signed the referral paperwork and received medical information and pictures. Ariana’s Chinese name is Zhao Hong Tao – her given name is Hong Tao (红涛), and Zhao is the family name of the director of the orphanage. “Hong” means “red”, and “Tao” means “Big Wave”. I found the characters using the translator at the Mandarin Tools website – they match the characters of her name on the documentation we received.

Below are the two pictures that we received today:

Some other things we know about Ariana
Ariana is from the city of Yuanling in China’s Hunan province, and was found abandoned at the Dragon boat races. She was 8.27 pounds, 19.8 inches long. She appeared to be about 2 months old,  her real birthday is a guess based on that estimate. She was taken in by the Yuanling Social Welfare Institute, but six days after she was found she was placed in foster care, and as far as we know she is still in foster care and will be until we go to China to pick her up.

From her medical and developmental reports she seems to be very healthy – we were given a very complete medical exam that included complete blood work and developmental evaluation. According to the report we got, at 7 months she was 17.6 pounds and 26 inches long. She was sitting up on her own, crawling, and doing all the things that normal babies do. We will probably be in China to pick her up just about on her birthday!

9 January 2006
We just received some updated measurements on Ariana that
were taken today:

weight is 19.2 pounds, height is 28.1 inches. She has 6 teeth!

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